Advanced dental knowledge and breakthrough scientific research have combined to form the diode laser. This small laser is handheld yet powerful in delivering safe, reliable, and consistent results for patients and dentists. Dr. Langenbach and Dr. Thomas, San Diego, CA cosmetic dentists, use the diode laser in their practice to provide safe and comfortable treatment for their patients. With special technology, the dentists deliver laser energy in short pulses for quicker and more efficient treatment. The diode is often used to expose unerupted teeth, after dental implants, excisions, and more.

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The diode laser is used to safely, effectively, and gently handle an assortment of dental procedures that involve the soft tissue. Some of the most common procedures are gum sculpting, after placing of dental implants, excisions, and more. Before any procedure, the mouth patient is usually administered some form of anesthesia. With short pulses, the dentist will use the laser to remove and treat gum and soft tissues of the mouth. The diode laser helps to minimize bleeding and the risk of infection.


After any procedure with the diode laser, the gums may be swollen, tender, or sore. The dentist may prescribe medication or recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever. Specific instructions will be given on how to care for the treated site. All follow-up appointments should be attended, as well as regular dental examination.


Depending on the type of procedure the diode laser is used for, the costs can vary significantly. In order to get detailed pricing, you should speak with your doctor before any procedure. You may also want to confirm with your dental insurance whether the cost associated with the diode laser is covered.


With the advent of the diode laser, many soft tissue dental procedures have become more effective, safer, and gentler for the patient. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the diode laser, please give our practice a call as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.