Crowns are a great way to cover damaged teeth to restore the tooth to its original size and shape. Not only does improved the appearance of the tooth, but it can also strengthen the tooth structure of teeth that can’t be effectively restored with other methods, such as fillings. San Diego, CA cosmetic dentists, Drs. Langenbach and Thomas, often use crowns for broken, fractured, and decayed teeth. The dentists might also use crowns to cosmetically enhance a tooth, repair a fractured filling, and also for teeth with large fillings or those that have undergone a root canal.

At their practice, Dr. Langenbach and Dr. Thomas offer multiple options, such as porcelain and even CEREC same-day crowns. Porcelain crowns are metal-free and tooth-colored and have the luster and natural look of a patient’s own teeth. They are also highly durable. Metal-free crowns leave out the mercury that’s traditionally used in crowns. CEREC same-day crowns uses advanced technology to make crowns in one visit compared to 2 for faster, more efficient results.

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A dental crown usually takes 2 appointments to complete. During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown, take impressions of the tooth for the permanent crown, and place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it. The impressions are sent to a dental laboratory where a customized crown(s) will be created for the patient. Once the crowns arrive back at the dentist’s office, the patient can schedule an appointment to have their permanent crown(s) fitted and set by the dentist.


Patients do not usually have any pain after a crown is placed, but some patients experience discomfort or tooth sensitivity. Depending on the material, crowns can last from 7 – 40 years. Patients can extend the life of their crown by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting their dentist for regular exams and cleanings. If oral health is neglected, the tooth under the crown may develop a cavity or infection that will require more extensive treatment, like a root canal.


The total cost of a dental crown will depend on the materials used, as well as the amount of teeth treated, their condition, size, and location. Porcelain over metal crowns are about $500 – $1,500 per tooth. Metal crowns costs from $600 – $2,500. All porcelain crowns are usually about $800 – $3,000 per tooth. The dentist will go over estimated costs and financing options during the patient’s consultation and the front office can check with the patient’s insurance to determine if any of their costs are covered.


If you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, schedule a consultation with the dentist to learn more about how crowns can help you. Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile, so come in soon to find out how you can improve yours.