A variation of traditional dental implants is bridged dental implants, where the implants are supported by dentures instead of a patient’s natural teeth. Dr. Langenbach and Dr. Thomas use this treatment in their Poway, CA practice for patients who are missing more than one tooth. Just like with traditional implants, the titanium post is placed in the jaw to allow the bone to fuse with it before an abutment is attached. Afterwards, a number of crowns will be attached together to form a bridge, which will be placed on top of the implants for a secure and natural-looking fit. The bridged dental implants can be treated like a patient’s natural teeth.

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Bridged dental implants is a multi-step process that will require multiple trips to the dentist and can take 5 months to over 1 year from beginning to end. Prior to dental implants, anesthesia will be administered. The dental implants, which are titanium posts, will be placed into the jaw. The process of osseointegration where the implants and bone will fuse together will occur for about 6 months. Within this time period, temporary teeth can be placed. In some cases, the implant will need to be exposed in order to place the bridge. If this is done, the gums will need an additional few weeks to heal.

After the implants are secure and the gums are sufficiently healed, abutments will be placed into the implants where the bridges will go on top. The bridge will consist of 2 or more crowns on each side with false teeth in the middle. The bridged dental implants will look and feel natural with a secure fit.


After any step involved in the process, a patient can experience pain, discomfort, and swelling. The dentist can provide pain medication and specific instructions for how to care for the mouth. After the final step, the patient must care for the area between the gums and the bridge with daily cleanings. The dentist might recommend a special brush or type of floss to make cleaning easier. It’s important to attend regular dental examinations so the dentist can make sure there are no problems.


The cost of bridged dental implants will vary considerably due to the number of teeth missing, the condition of the patient’s mouth, including if there’s bone loss, and the size of the bridge. On the low end, patients can expect the cost to start at around $3,500 and at the high end, the cost can exceed $30,000. Pricing should be discussed with the dentist during the consultation, including whether the surgery is medically necessary, which could mean insurance could cover some of the cost.


Dental implants are one of the most natural and effective ways to replace missing teeth. For some patients, bridged dental implants are needed for improved durability and beauty. To determine whether you’re a candidate for this procedure, please call our dental practice as soon as possible to schedule a consultation and regain your confidence.